Organising Conferences and Events Since 1986

Our Story​

CEO Willy Kausch founded K.I.T. Group as a Berlin-based Professional Conference Organiser with only a few employees. Since then, K.I.T. Group has grown into a leading association, conference and event management company with over 35 conferences and public events each year.

Synergy & Competence

Our Motto​

Our motto is Synergy & Competence. We pride ourselves on building sustainable relationships and consistently delivering innovative, reliable, high-end solutions.

The term SYNERGY describes the different divisions of K.I.T. Group cooperating strategically for the conference’s outcome. A successful conference combines knowledge and experience from the client and the organiser. Synergy also refers to the benefits our clients can expect from our expertise and extensive networks in medical conferences.

Our COMPETENCE in the field of medical conferences is our competitive advantage. It comprises our professionalism, know-how, expertise, and excellent client relationships.

Passionate About Our Business

Our Values

As we move out of the confusion caused by the pandemic, our belief and passion for face-to-face events remain as strong as ever. Our customers and we are adapting to the realities of a rapidly changing and sometimes uncertain world. We know the need to stay agile, informed, and connected. Emerging technologies, massive demographic shifts, regulation, governance, and a new age of relative austerity mean that we must constantly evolve our strategy to serve the sector better and guarantee the value of your meetings.

We are committed to building our global presence and relationships, developing our human and technical resources, maintaining client synergies, creating more specialised solutions, and, most importantly: being reliable and discreet partners in your success.

We are a People Business

Our Team

With more than 170 pro-active and multi-disciplinary employees from more than 22 countries, K.I.T. Group has organised over 4,100 conferences across five continents for 50 to 28,000 participants in over 35 years.

Our staff come from various backgrounds, including event or tourism management, business, political studies, law, languages, and cultural leadership. This flexibility is an asset when we welcome delegates from all over the world.

Taking Care of Our Environment and Society

Our Engagement

As a global company, we wish to be able to give something back. Our Corporate Social Responsibility helps us administer our business processes in a way that positively impacts society and the world.


K.I.T. Group is committed to sustainable events, working with several associations to achieve their sustainability goals. We support our clients by providing advice and expertise while developing and implementing sustainability plans.

K.I.T. Group has a long-standing office policy to help us reduce our daily environmental impact.

 Our Pathway to Sustainability programme offers clients support at three levels – from Green Advocate to Green Champion to Green Leader.


Continual renewal of skills is the best way to ensure efficiency and high productivity. This is why the continuous development and engagement of the team is very important to K.I.T. Group.

To ensure a strategic and structured development, the K.I.T. Group Skill Data base is currently in development, a knowledge transfer and an internal communication task force (both formed from a variety of team members to be able to cover all perspectives from the different business areas) are in place and active. The Human Resources development plan covers knowledge of the trade of conference management, techniques and procedures as well as soft skills for the different roles/profiles. As an example,a holistic leadership programme covering all aspects of modern leadership has been launched within the entire corporate group in 2014 and is still ongoing. These activities motivate the individual team members to excel in their job and at the same time ensures SOP and a common ground and quality throughout the whole team.

Quality Management

In order to further improve quality and consistency with an eye to safety and monetary savings, we at K.I.T. Group have instituted a Quality Management System consisting of various assurance methods.The implementation of task forces charged with the mission of finding new and innovative ways of operating, procurement for high quality with cost analysis in mind,and evaluation of statistics and reports have all proven beneficial.

Combined Strengths for Your Success

Our Engagement

The continued improvement of trade show locations, the availability of practical infrastructure and as little bureaucracy as possible are their cause as much as ours. Our membership and active participation in and leadership of national and international organisations are part of our effort to enhance the smooth operation of trade events. Voluntary submission to the evaluation of these organisations also guarantees our commitment to the highest standards of quality for our clients.

MedTech Europe Ethical Charter

MedTech Europe Ethical Charter

Medtech Europe ( is the trade association representing thousands of leading medical technology and diagnostic companies in Europe.

The Medtech Europe Code of Ethical Business Practice regulates all aspects of member companies’ relationships with physicians and medical societies, throughout Europe and the Middle East and with particular emphasis on congresses, conferences and other educational events. After rigorous selection, K.I.T. Group GmbH is among the first organisations to earn the Medtech Ethical Charter. This is the official certification of those PCOs that demonstrate understanding and commitment to the new regulations.

German Convention Bureau e. V. (GCB)

German Convention Bureau e. V. (GCB)

The not-for-profit German Convention Bureau (GCB) is the central body for all concerns and also the marketer for the convention industry in Germany.GCB coordinates between clients looking to hold conventions, conferences and incentives and the service industry of the German marketplace. Since 1973, all major businesses from all branches of the convention services industry have joined the GCB.The over 200 members include hotels, convention centres and cities, convention service agencies like K.I.T. Group and other convention service providers.

International Association of Professional Congress Organizers (IAPCO)

International Association of Professional Congress Organizers (IAPCO)

The International Association of Professional Congress Organizers (IAPCO), a non-profit organisation founded in 1968, represents professional organisers and managers of international and national congresses, conventions and special events. IAPCO is committed to raising standards of service among its members and other sectors of the meeting industry by means of continuing education and interaction with other professionals. IAPCO has members world wide, whose activities are monitored on an annual basis. As a result, IAPCO membership offers a unique quality assurance recognised by conference clients and suppliers all over the world.

K.I.T. Group is proud to be an active participant in what makes IAPCO great. Among other tasks, we also report at general assemblies and act as the head of the working group leader for scientific posters.

International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA)

International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA)

The International Congress and Convention Association was founded in 1963 and is headquartered in the Netherlands. The association of companies from the event and travel industry is the most prominent organisation in the international convention and meetings industry.

Today, it is spanning the globe with member companies from more than 76 countries throughout the world and branch offices in Malaysia and the U.S. The explicit aim of the ICCA is to optimise the cooperation of member companies, to mutually benefit from insights and experiences and to create universal standards of quality. ICCA aims to continue improvements in the quality of the meetings industry.

Technical Event Management GmbH

Technical Event Management GmbH

Partner for technical planning and management

Successful events are based on technical infrastructure which has been developed to perfection. The more targeted and detailed planning and organisation is in this sector, the easier it is to manage the event and ensure that individual trades work hand in glove.

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