Using OPADE to Open Doors to Increase Association Interaction and Sponsorship

Hosting an Open Door Day to Give the Public and Potential Attendees a Sneak-peek

Digital events have traditionally been a hard sell for sponsors in the medical field. Without the face-to-face possibilities of an exhibition hall and the ability to interact physically with the product, sponsors are hesitant to spend money.

To combat online event fatigue, organisers of digital events often host a reduced number of sessions compared to traditional in-person events. Downsizing the programme for a fully digital event usually decreases the time slots available for sponsors. Without their monetary input, the events cost the associations more, reduce the size of the event, or cause cancellation altogether.

Are you planning a digital event and need support with the realisation? Let’s talk about your ideas and see how K.I.T. Group can help you turn them into reality.

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